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Title Softee t-shirt designs
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Owner Anthony Korculanic

Softee comics Worth Reading has never had a nifty logo, but my Sherlock Holmes in Comics site has a cool (imo), professionally designed (I think these two factors are related) one.

Thus, when Rush Order Tees asked if I wanted to sample their product, I jumped at the chance. Now that I have a pretty logo, I wanted to promote it. They provided some credit for me to use, and I wandered through their no minimum order section.

I am very impressed. The design studio made it easy for me to see how the logo would look on the different colors available, as well as sizing and placing the image just where I wanted it. For under $200, I got four t-shirts (various colors, you know) and a hoodie. Some of the shirts are shown here.

SherlockComics t-shirts

They’re comfy and they fit well. Best of all, shipping was FAST. I ordered shortly after Christmas, and although they didn’t promise I’d get them that soon, they arrived a week later, the day before I left for an event where it was really really convenient to wear my self-promotion gear.

The only snag I had was that I ordered the wrong hoodie size. (I ordered the same size as the women’s tees, not realizing that the hoodies were men’s sizes.) I’m likely to use my own money to replace that, given the quality and how easy it is to reorder, once they have the design.

Now in the last 22 years I have bought every pro wrestling game that has come out, including WWE 2K20. So the first step to installing and playing WWE 2K22 was to uninstall WWE 2K20. I will not miss that game, it was trash and in the trash it shall go. 

WWE 2k22 review

Now onto the WWE 2K22 review. The roster is definitely outdated. Weird not having Brian Danielson in this game but hey what are you going to do. Outside of that, I’m going into this game with really low expectations and full disclosure – I paid for this game and no one is compensating me for reviewing this game. With that said, I’m a nerd and here are the few things I’m looking to answer by the end of this review: 

Can you run a WWE Universe event and only play matches you want. And not cycle through everything?

How does the GM Mode feel? There seems to be some disappointment due to the lack of titles and matches but I remember the old GM mode being addicting. 

So without further ado, here’s WDFA Custom Tees, your source for custom t-shirt printing, with its WWE 2K22 review. 

Are the matches fun to watch/play?

Honestly, eh. The graphics while they look good in commercials and videos, the presentation seems a little lacking. I might be not going with the status quo here, but I really think this game visually looks better only 40% of the time. The game feels less like a leap forward and more like leaps backward. Especially in some of the cut scenes.

Can you run/edit a WWE Universe event and only play matches you want?

Hard no on this as well. Just like the years past, you have to cycle through every match. It’s not big deal but it definitely removes the PPV feel that the Universe mode originally offered years ago. 

 5 of out 10 – Wait for it to go on sale. I wish I would have waited! But to be fair WWE 2K19 is one of the best wrestling games ever made. It has a great roster (probably the best of any game out there), great presentation and playability. This game is a step in the right direction, but its not a step in the full price direction. Wait for the 50% off sale at the end of the year. Some notable misses – No World Title or WCW Title without the NWO logo. No Spinner Belt as well.

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