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Title Script Writing Course in Thane
Category Education --> Continuing Education and Certification
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Scriptwriting is not everybody’s cup of tea. It needs vast reading, a novel perception (In case framing the scene in the mind), and binding those scenes together with formatting the unwanted parts. Script writings are the foundation or base of any drama, play, or movie. You just can’t get up and decide I’ll be a script writer today. You need direction and education to learn this skill. 

Do you know? Screenplay writing is an art form. Where you perfectly combine all elements like emotions, proper frame formation, and a connection that links all frames in your writing. 

If you want to become a screenwriter, e-Drishyam has the best scriptwriting course in Thane where you can learn all the basics of scriptwriting. 

The format of Scriptwriting

Scriptwriting is different from novel writing or any kind of fiction writing. In novels, you need to be imaginative, you need to set the atmosphere for the reader’s imagination. However, the script requires creativity while considering the technical aspects. e-Drishyam screenwriting course in Mumbai will cover all aspects related to scriptwriting. 

To write a proper screenplay writing one should follow below format: 

-Scene Headings

-Action Lines




Writing a good script and formatting the script is unpleasant. It sounds tedious and in reality, it is really tedious work to do. Following the plethora of processes of script writing are the part script writing training. Because for movies and dramas, scripts are the base of them. Now, let's focus on this format.

Scene Headings

In scene headings, there are two types where a writer needs to show INT (interior scene) and Ext (Exterior scene). In scene headings, a writer needs to clarify the place where the scene is going to shoot (It could be inside or outside, an entry or an exit, or timing-day or night) 

Action Lines

Action lines, as the word suggests, are what we see on stage or hear on screen. All the actions of the character are mentioned in the action lines. For example, check your smartphone while drinking water from a water bottle. These are the actions that actors must perform when shooting scenes. 


A story is not a story without characters. The characters are the essence of the plot. When writing a script, the writer has to explain the overall personality of the character, whether it is a villain or a hero, or a supporting character, what he looks like, etc.  


Here comes the main part of scriptwriting. Dialogues are the conversation and communication that is happening in the scene. It follows the story, creates liveliness, and tells us about the plot. 


Parenthetical is the element that adds a hint of actuality to the scene. For eg., Jack is the character and Jack’s girlfriend is calling him. Jack’s Girlfriend’s dialogue- Jack (angrily) We need to talk! Here the parenthetical will be (angrily) this element is not necessary but adds a creative point in the scenes.

So here is the format that is used for scriptwriting or screenplay writing.  

To know more about script writing, contact e-Drishyam for their scriptwriting course in Thane.