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Title Patent Registration Services
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Our Easysynopsis company provides complete support for your patent registration service. A patent is a structure of an intellectual property, which provides the right for its owner to deny others from creating, utilizing, promoting, and introducing an invention for a reasonable period, generally for twenty years. Our company is the best service for patent registration in India. The rights of patents are approved in exchange for allowing public disclosure of an invention. Indian patent filing is very important because it controls other candidates from copying and promoting an invention. As a result, patents improve the profit of your business, whereas the competitors are slow.

Easysynopsis supports you to file a patent from filing a patent application till the end of the patent grant. Inventors can file both the application of permanent patent and provisional patent with us.

Patent your invention:

A patent is applied only for a real inventor or co-inventor of the invention. This is accurate even if the Inventor was working by any other person or company for creating the invention. Therefore, the patent is issued in the name of a genuine inventor. Even though an employer frequently owns the resultant patent. This is correct if an agreement of the inventor’s employment includes a pre-assignment section. In such cases, an employer has the contractual rights for the invention even though it is issued in the inventor's name. An employer will probably have an action against the inventor who tries to sell or use the invention without an employer's permission.

Patent process:

Every invention is not qualified for a patent. Some patents are disqualified from the law of patent. However, patents are available for a method or process, new composition, machine, and an article of manufacture. A method or processes are engineering methods, computer software, and business processes. A new composition is a structure, pharmaceuticals, or artificial creations. A machine means anything which performs a function, and an article of manufacture is a tool or an object which attains a job in a few steps.

Non-obvious idea:

In order to be eligible for your patent, an invention should be “non-obvious.” Here, the test is whether your invention appears easily knowable to a “person having normal skill in an art” in which the patent is intended. Courts examining an invention, whether it is obvious which appears at the scope and content of existing technology in that industry, and any other proof for an intention to recommend that your fresh theme is not obvious.

The difference in Patent and Copyright:

Patents provide security for a genuine invention, whereas Copyright protects the phrase of your idea. In general, Copyright is utilized for artistic works, like computer programs, art, and books.

Cost of patent:

Filing a complete non-provisional patent includes a lot time-consuming. This is a costly process that involves fee-paying for filing and frequently holding the services of a patent attorney. For these reasons, it’s worth considering whether you can market your new invention. Initially, many inventors selected to file a Provisional Patent, a simplified application that conserves the filing date. Then, the inventor has one year time to file the complete non-provisional application. Since it is more complex, most people require an intellectual property attorney’s help to file the non-provisional application. Another profit of filing for a Provisional Patent is that you can employ a Patent Assignment for transferring your ownership rights, even if the patent hasn’t been assigned yet.

Save your innovative ideas from others:

It is very tough to change an idea to market your invention. You are required to share your idea with other partners and investors; due to this, you can attain your design to the market. By including your invention as a provisional patent, none can take or steal your concept or theme. A patent offers a limited right that generally permits your SME to employ and develop your invention for twenty years from the filing date of your patent application.

Improve market position:

If you consist of a patent group, you have to improve your market position by protecting other corporations from challenges in the particular position. Thus you may obtain an enhanced position in the market, and the challenges may become less. Thus, you may attain the best arrival on an asset for your corporation. Furthermore, you can stop others from employing your patented invention through an exclusive right; thus, the competition gets reduced, and you can find yourself in the market as the most excellent performer. 

Secure company’s skill to perform business:

If you are missing to patent your creation, then some other people may copy your idea to enter the market with your invention. So, you may have very tough competition in the market, and also, you may lose your rights to compete when that person files your patent for the product. If this situation occurs, then every money and effort of yours is considered a waste.

Obtain license fees:

Finally, sometimes you cannot commercialize your idea, but some others twist your idea as a commercial product with resources. Then, your company may attain the licensing fees for employing your idea.

Better CV:

If you contain a patent selection, it illustrates that you possess the technical skill and are dedicated to creating something new. Investors and associates will appreciate and wish to work with you. The products of patenting take more time and resources, and their benefits are huge. Therefore, it is significant for attaining a patent for your invention even when it is hard.


The patent e-Filing system and trademark are designed for supporting Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) using Payment Gateways. You may utilize the facilities of Internet Banking. The fundamentals for the e-Filing system must include an application of client software that admits an e-Filing document and then uploads to the version of XML with Digital Signature. Then the Client Software for e-Filing can be downloaded from the e-Filing portal after online registration. A patent Agent or an organization or individual can file its applications electronically, and an individual can’t file an online application without registering. Registered Patent Agent or any Individual from Indian national or any foreigner can file a patent application online. If an applicant is new to this system and does not have a User ID, then an applicant has to register online. After the successful registration & uploading of Digital Signatures, an applicant attains a system-generated user name and password to access the system. Applicants can attain Digital Signatures from Code Solutions, TCS & Safe Script. They can pay the amount through Net Banking.

Steps involved in e-filing:


1. Open the website www.ipindia.gov.in and continue to E-Gateways

2. Register for New User to create your “user-id.”

3. Install Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and configure the system as per the DSC manual.

4. log in to the e-filing module

5. Choose a New Application filing or any particular Form which is to be filed

6. Draft the new application

7. Upload the PDF version of necessary documents

8. Save draft

9. Then go to the drafted form to enter the mobile number, if SMS notification is required

10. Choose the drafted form and continue signing of drafted form

11. After the forms are signed digitally. It is prepared for creating the payment through the available Payment Gateways

12. Choose the digitally signed form and proceed with payment

13. Select the payment gateway

14. Select the bank and payment mode for fee payment

15. After payment acknowledgment, the receipt will be generated.

Submitted forms will then carry on to the respective section of the Patent Office for processing and official activities.

Manual filing:

The manual filing is another stage to fulfill our commitment to being more efficient and transparent. In manual form, it does not hold the infringement procedures. Still, there is a demand from fresh inventors, foreign applicants, and patent practitioners to codify the practices in the Indian Patent Office. Therefore, a manual draft was published on the official website. This invited suggestions and comments from stakeholders. As a result, the manual draft is revised thoroughly to make it more simple and specific. It is our sincere hope that this manual drafting will effectively meet up the demands of stakeholders. This is considered as a practical guide for the effective action of patent applications in India. However, it does not comprise rulemaking, and therefore, it does not have the effect of law. The manual draft will be amended from time to time based on interpretations through statutory amendments, the Court of Law, and precious inputs from the stakeholders.