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Title How to Verify Land Records in Tamil Nadu Patta, Chitta, and FMB Online?
URL https://apps.cancaonova.com/ads/www/delivery/ck.php?ct=1&oaparams=2__bannerid=149__zoneid=20__cb=87d2c6208d__oadest=https://nammafamilybuilder.com/
Category Real Estate --> Appraisers and Consultants
Meta Keywords real estate
Meta Description For village properties, patta is always issued in hectares or acres.The ownership information for the land that belongs to a person or persons is provided in the Chitta, an extract from the Patta register.
Owner Yuvraj
The term “Land Records” is broad and can be used to describe a number of documents, such as the deed register, records of rights (RoRs), registers for tenancies and crop inspections, registers for mutations, registers for disputed