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Title Data Center Shifting in India
Category Business --> Transportation and Logistics
Meta Keywords Data Center shifting in India, data center migrations services in India, data center, data center relocations Service in India, Oneworld Logix
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Migration of data centers is more likely a logical thing to do when you plan to elevate your business empire. It needs to be more systematic to avoid tedious work and sporadic work processes. You can say that data center migration is a logical and operational process to move entire data systems to other locations safely and then complete other related work about it.  Majorly, many businesses are now opting for cloud data centers but it is always useful to have your data centers for privacy reasons. As data in cloud migration have the probability to get stolen or leaked. 

If you are a business owner or organization that is looking for data center relocation services in India, then One World Logix is your one-stop destination for you! As times are changing so are their services, they specialized in data center migration services in India. They’ll give you the completed package for data center shifting all over India.

Before any data centers migration proceeds movers and shifters must follow these points: 

-Compatibility with modern applications and practicing modern solutions.

-Testing to ensure migration is successful 

-Meeting all the requirements of the future data centers.

-To make minimal impacts on the business operation and staff’s work schedule proper relocation & management.

Phases of Data Center Migration 

Every Data Center Migration project involves these phrases: 

Leading The Discussions: 

The first phase of data center migration is to lead the discussion about operation and planning. The project begins when movers assess all your data center resources, including hardware, applications, storage, operating systems, networks, and security and regulatory requirements. Encourage conversations with cross-functional teams so that everyone in the organization is aware of the pending transfer. In the end, you’ll get the list of what you actually need to do for migration. 

Making A Plan: 

To create a plan, you need to evaluate and identify the priorities received from the curated list during the discussion phase. This planning involves deriving actual technical solutions in the details for the migration process. This plan includes a detailed derivation of specific technical solutions for the migration process. Items such as schedules, project concerns, and security plans for primary data transfers should be documented.  So in the end, you’ll have a workable plan ready for execution. 

Executing Migration: 

Now is the time to put the plan into action. While movers are migrating all the data center components to decided locations keep eye on their tracks for a smoother transfer. Encourage migration teams to stick to the schedule and avoid any unfortunate delays that could escalate into more significant problems later.  


Now is the time to test the new location and optimize the data. Once everything goes live, set up a system to verify the data to ensure the accuracy of the migration. With this, check if the data is configured correctly in the region and check if you need to add more.