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Title Comparison Between Custom Design And Template Design
Category Computers --> Software
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Owner Webingo

Many small and medium scale business owners think that getting free website design templates  are going to be  cost effective! But when it comes to building your professional website design, there are many other important aspects  than simply  “cost effectiveness”, one such  are often  found in Web Development Company Kolkata.

Here are some major differences between customised web designs and template designs for you  to know  what you will be missing out on by not commissioning a professional website design and development company.

Templates are very general designs  and may  be used for anything and by anyone. If  you employ  templates,  the likelihood is that , someday,  you would possibly  come across another existing website that has the exact same design as yours. Some templates have bad coding  and should  have little to no importance on search engine optimization. The simplest  way to explain this is that a template-based design offers you pre-defined boxes to plop your content into. You basically find a template  that the majority  closely matches what you need and make small customizations with colours and images.

Example: WordPress offers  a spread  of templates to choose from, some  costlier  than others. Most of the people  will work from a template in WordPress, but  you'll  do custom design as well. With template designs, there are many limitations.  you're  usually required to work on the available features of that template and must need to use specific features else the template won’t work.


     Relatively inexpensive.

     Can be more quickly implemented/built.


     It is a hard to find such templates that can match your exact needs

     Can sometimes look "cookie-cutter."

If you're on  a little  budget and need a quick turn around, a template design  could be  your best option. Some businesses  do not have  complex strategic goals, and just need  an internet site  that acts like a virtual brochure. If custom design isn't a priority,  choose  a template.

In a Custom Web Design,  it's  especially designed and is ‘just for your business’ making your website appear different from any other website out there.  During a  custom design, elements  like  your logo and even products or services are used by the website design company. It also designs  a singular  layout that can noticeably differentiate you in the marketplace.  A customised  website is designed in order to make it search engine friendly. Since your website’s background coding plays a key role when it  involves  site ranking it is better to go for custom website design. A  bespoke  site might cost you more than a general template design, but  it'll  also give you a unique design for your website according to your product and business needs.


     A custom design allows you to wrap  the web site  around your marketing strategy.  you'll  be more strategic about how you structure the website because it's built just for your needs.

     Fully customizable.

     Typically working with a workplace  and an agency partner is like an extension of your team.


     More expensive.

     Takes  plenty  of time.

     For the marketing teams there can be compromisations arising. 


The difference, as  you'll  see, is strategic.

If  you've got  complex business needs and you're looking for a marketing strategy to wrap up the website,  you ought to  invest in a robust custom designed website. Also, if  you've got  a very complicated content structure that needs serious organisation, definitely  choose  custom design.