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Title 15 Fabulous Built-in Wardrobes Design Helpful Ideas
Category Family Home --> Home Improvements
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Whether you design or redesign a room in your home, space is always an important factor to consider. What furniture is going to help make the most of the space you have? Built-in wardrobes are suitable choices when you think of keeping everything in one place without your storage bursting at the seams. There are many benefits to installing built-in wardrobes in your room including, utilizing space, they are customizable, and with more storage space, you will keep clutter at bay and easily cleaned.

There are endless configurations and customizations available for your built-in wardrobe, so you really can make it as individual as you like to suit your lifestyle and bedroom space. We've rounded up our favorite design ideas below:

1. Consider Glass Doors as a Design Feature

Glass doors enable you to see what you want straight away and they shake off that rumor that built-in wardrobes are old-fashioned. This stunning clear glass and elegant design are perfect for a modern scheme. 

2. Open Up Your Spac with Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

Having mirrored doors is useful for two reasons, the first being that they help to bounce the light around if your bedroom is small, and secondly, it means you have full-length mirrors to check outfits in and no need to invest in a floor-standing mirror.

3. Sliding Doors If You Are Short on Space

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a bespoke affair, then this could be a great option. Their system wardrobes are also a great small bedroom idea – sliding doors allow more room for furniture because they don’t take up space to open.

4. Don't Like Folding? Choose Rails Inside

The interior of your wardrobe is key and it’s worth spending a bit of time considering what you need to store. Having more inner rails than drawers could be the answer to your non-folding dreams! Half-height rails for blouses, shirts, skirts, and jackets will make your life much easier, and if you wear dresses have one rail that’s full height.

5. Incorporate a Dressing Table

If your bedroom is small with little room for extra pieces of furniture like a dressing table, then consider having it incorporated into your built-in wardrobe. It’s a fabulous space-saving wardrobe idea and you can have shelving designed to accommodate makeup, perfume, and scents.

6. Open-Plan If You Love to Color-Coordinate

luxurious gold closet

We generally like to close the doors on our wardrobes so they can hide a multitude of badly folded sweaters and numerous blouses hanging from one hanger, but if you love a bit of organization and “everything in its place” then consider an open plan built-in wardrobe. It will have the appeal of a shop with everything hanging beautifully and neatly folded.

7. Utilize a Loft Spack with a Built-In wardrobes

Loft spaces and built-in wardrobes go together like bread and butter. If you want to create a seamless yet stylish wardrobe that will make the most of every inch of the tricky space, then it’s a fabulous option. You can also choose to make a feature of it or keep it subtle.

8. A Bright Wardrobe Idea

Sometimes built-in wardrobes are tucked away in an alcove which means they can be dark, which of course is the last thing you want when trying to find your favorite top. Invest in lights with adjustable arms that highlight each section and consider strip lights too.