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Title Machine learning with R and Applied Data Science with Python in collaboration with IBM
Category Education --> Continuing Education and Certification
Meta Keywords Data science institute in Noida
Owner datatrained

Online Data Science Training || Guaranteed Placement ..

Gain advanced skills in analytics and transform your career. We at DataTrained provides hands on online Data Science training in tools like R, Python, SAS, SQL, Big Data, Machine Learning with 100% placement or money back

Machine learning with R in collaboration with IBM

You will learn to make use of the R language to access databases, clean, analyse, and visualise data with R. Through our guided lectures and access to labs, you will get hands-on experience tackling fascinating data issues. This's an action-packed learning path for data science enthusiasts who wish to work on real-life problems with R.

You should go through Applied Data Science with R.

This Machine Learning with R program dives into the fundamentals of machine learning utilising an approachable, and popular, programming language.

You will find out Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning, check into just how Statistical Modelling pertains to Machine Learning, and also perform their comparison.

Look at real-life instances of Machine learning and just how it impacts society in ways you might not have guessed!

Explore a lot of algorithms and models:

Popular algorithms: Dimensional, Clustering, Regression, and Classification Reduction.

Popular models: Train/Test Split, Root Mean Squared Error, as well as Random Forests.

Get ready to do a lot more learning than the machine of yours!

Applied Data Science with Python in collaboration with IBM

This Applied Data Science with Python Program aims to discover ways to make use of the Python language to scrub clean, analyse as well as visualise data. Through our guided lectures & labs, you will get hands-on experience tackling fascinating data issues and exploring data stories. This's an action-packed learning path for data science enthusiasts who wish to work with real-life problems with Python. Be sure to take this particular learning road to solidify your data abilities within Python, prior to diving directly into machine learning, deep learning and big data in Python.

Python for Data Science

This course offers a beginner-friendly launch to Python for Data Science. Practice through lab workouts, and you will be prepared to design your very first Python scripts on one's own!

Data Analysis with Python by DataTrained

With this program, you are going to learn the right way to evaluate data in Python using multidimensional arrays in NumPy, control DataFrames in pandas, make use of the SciPy library of mathematical actions, as well as conduct machine learning using scikit learn! You are going to learn the right way to do data analytics in Python making use of these popular Python libraries and you'll do it using hands-on labs using genuine Python tools as Jupyter notebook in JupyterLab.

DataTrained Education’s website from which you can get all the information's related to Data Science, Management, Cloud Computing, and Full Stack Development programs. We offer both online and classroom courses along with one to one mentorship from industry experts and provide 100% placement guarantee

This website's main focus is on Data concepts and providing carrier opportunities to students

Access to quality learning in emerging technologies has always been a challenge to most of the demographics of the Indian subcontinent.

DataTrained aim is to shorten this curve and make quality professional education accessible to all. We are an ad-tech company with the sole aim of imparting quality programs in emerging technologies like Data Science, Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Development, DevOps, Digital Marketing, Managehttps://cootera.com/ment, Engineering and many more.

Our programs are well received by professionals across the globe as well as by the students who want to start a promising career in these emerging technologies. Our focus has always been on problem-solving approach guidance to our learners.

Here’s why you should learn R. It is a data analytics tool that has many advantages. This language helps in performing statistical tests, data analyses, creating models, and provides ways to manage and manipulate data

How Data Science is transforming our lives through Data Analytics in the banking and finance sector. Learn more about Changing the banking and finance sector- talks, training, and events featured at the Data + AI 2020.

We’ve curated a session of programs for the banking and finance sector and presented the highlights for you.

Key Highlights -

* What Data Science actually means to various Industries?

* Fraud detection

* Managing customer data

* Risk modeling for investment banks

 * Lifetime value prediction

* Recommendation engines

* Real-time and predictive analytics

* Custo  mer segmentation

* Customer support